About Electric Themes

MeHi I’m Hannah.  I love designed websites, listening to music on my MP3 player and going on long walks.

Designing websites and graphics is a hobby of mine – I’ve completed web design work in the past for a couple of companies, but it’s not something I’d want to do for a living.  The moment your hobby becomes your job then it loses it’s appeal IMO.

The templates on this website all work with WordPress – although you’re welcome to convert them to use with any other CMS.

You can use them for whatever type of website you want – commercial or personal – ideally I wouldn’t want them used for any websites promoting hate, violence and racism etc, but ultimately that’s up to you.

If you like them and want to pay back the favour, then just pass it on – donate some money or time to your favourite charity or cause.

Hope you like my themes 🙂