Electric Themes

Electric Themes offer free WordPress themes for use with any type of website - non profit, hobby, or commercial websites alike.

They are all totally free - no charges whatsoever.

The code has been tested in all of the major browsers and platforms.

Feel free to use them on any type of project - or alter them as much as you need to.

Electric Themes is run by Hannah Owen.

P.S. If you feel the need to pay back the favour, then a donation to your favourite charity would no doubt be appreciated.



Exact is a clean WordPress theme that is highly customised – you can specify your own custom header and custom background – or simply use one of the images provided.  The theme also supports custom menus and sidebar widgets. The […]

16th Apr 13 - Themes



Bricks is a theme that I’ve been working on for a while – it still needs a bit of work before it’s completed to a standard that I’m happy with.  It’s a block like layout, with each block tessellating with […]

7th Dec 12 - Themes



Modular is a free theme that is nearly complete – I’ve tried to make it as minimalist as possible – and will be highly customised – you can specify a custom header and background from within the control panel under […]

26th Nov 12 - Themes




A useful resource for those who prefer time outsides on their bikes rather than being stuck in the kitchen, is cycling bargains by Claire, which handpicks the cheapest deals on bikes and equipment for UK cyclists. I spend an hour or so each day out on my bike, and this site has saved me a load over the last few months.